Sunday, August 10, 2008

Snippets : No electric

FYI, we all know that UTP is using GDC, or Gas District Cooling. The idea's good, but somehow last Saturday we all experienced a 3 time consecutive blackout. It's not that we do not understand that maybe there might be some faulty or maintenance, but perhaps the GDC or UTP management should address to the people in the campus a response to the sudden blackout. At least some matters could be explained to us on the issue.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reverse parking?

Good initiative, but some things need to be taken into consideration also.

1) Some students are just afraid of reverse parking, in a sense that they might hit others. If that is the case, then perhaps certain trainings have to be conduct to prevent accidents from happening.

2) The initiative is to be made compulsory for all UTPians, thus will it go to the extent that those who disobey this order will be given tickets? Should it is, it is appropriate in a sense that there are just not enough parking space in certain areas of UTP, such as V5 and V3. Of course, the next implementation is to force these drivers to park at the wide parking lot in front of V4, but how many will eventually do that? It is just so far from the students' residential colleges.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


How come eLearning is very hard to access at these times? Honestly this is weird.

1) eLearning is a subdomain under Pinging the website, I got this reply:

2) means that the webpage is just around the corner, inside UTP, not having to go to the outside world to access the site.

3) Thus, if the site is internal, should it take a very long time to get into the site?

4) ITMS ppl... please improve the connection. eLearning is a need for utp students, to take the lecture notes, aware of any announcements, bla3x.

Snippets : Scholar

Somehow it is already 7th August and the PETRONAS scholar is still pending. ESU, where's our money ?

Honestly, this is just terrible. Imagine a world-class multinational company yet still having such childish problems. Imagine even MARA, a simple government-funded agency can stick to distributing the scholar at the last day of every month ? Why isn't PETRONAS just keep on doing the same thing....